Beyond the sorrow

Written by Brandon Smith

Read: John 16:16-24

Jesus hints at his death and the disciple try to figure out themselves what he means by it. Instead of asking the one who knows what will happen, they debate among themselves as to what he is saying.

How often do we do this as well? How often do we spend time worrying about things that we don’t know or don’t understand, instead of asking for help from out great provider?

Jesus begins to explain what is about to happen. He begins by addressing the pain, grief and sorrow they will be feeling. He acknowledges their feelings and seriousness of the situation.

And then he shifts the scene to the hope that comes from what will happen. He transitions to the hope that comes post resurrection. He tells them of what they will feel and sets the scene of hope. He tries to inspire them for the time after the resurrection.

He reminds them of the spirit that will be with them to continue to teach them and remind them of what Jesus had taught them. Jesus sets up a way of continued learning as the situation changes. They can continue after the resurrection to learn and grow.