The Spirit

Written By Brandon Smith

Read: John 16:5-15

Jesus tells the disciples about what will happen after the events of the weekend. The spirit will come upon them and Jesus highlights two of the major things the Spirit will do among them. He talks about how the Spirit will prove the world wrong through three different avenues. The Spirit will address Sin, Righteousness and Judgement. These three avenues are major areas that the world will attempt to question and deny the truth that God teaches.

With Sin, the world attempts to mitigate the consequences of Sin as well as what constitutes sin. This is when the Holy Spirit steps in to continue to remind us of what is true and how we are supposed to live.

With righteousness, the world attempts to tell us that we make ourselves right; that we have the power to make ourselves right through good works and good deeds. The Holy Spirit reminds us that we are incomplete without Jesus and that in Jesus we are made right. It isn’t our actions that make us right, but the actions of Jesus.

With Judgement, the world attempts to change our focus from eternal thoughts to more carnal desires. It attempts to tells us to live for ourselves and that selfishness wins in the end, but the Spirit reminds us that the end of the story is already written and that a day of judgment stands before us all.

Through all this the Spirit continues to guide us into all truth: Truth from God stand the test of time and will continue to be the rock to which we cling.