The Last Moment of Hopelessness

Written by Marcus Mitchell

Read John 20:1-10

Mary Magdalene was the first to see the empty tomb.  Can you imagine the panic she felt when she saw he wasn’t there?  Her first thought was that he had been taken.  She, along with disciples, had just been through the most horrible loss of their Lord.  They were still reeling and trying to make sense of how Jesus, who they believed to be the Messiah, could now be dead.  Now to make things worse, His body was missing!?  

The same reaction was felt by Peter and the other disciple he was with.  They immediately left; they had to see for themselves to believe it.  Verse 9 states that they still did not understand from the Scriptures that Jesus had to rise from the dead, so once they saw He was gone they simply went back to where they were staying.  It seems from this that they had lost hope.  In this darkest of days when things couldn’t have gotten worse, things had gotten worse.  

This is a poignant moment in history.  We can look at this moment in history as the last moment of hopelessness.  From our vantage point, we know that Jesus had risen and He is only moments away from revealing Himself.  And we know that every moment after this, for the rest of human history there will forever be hope because Jesus had overcome sin and death.  There had been prophecies pointing to this hope, but now, we are living in it.  

Think of your darkest day, when you have lost a loved one, when you received a scary diagnosis, when you felt so trapped in a situation that you didn’t know what to do–there was still hope and there is hope today.  Jesus is alive and with you and He promises to never leave you, if we only put our trust in Him.

If you know this hope, praise Him and thank Him.  You have the privilege to share the hope you have.  Right now there are people all around us needing to know the hope we have.  We need to feel the urgency.  

Father, please open our eyes to see others who need you, give us your heart for them.  Fill us so full of your Spirit that your love flows out of us as we share the good news of our risen Savior.  Amen.