December 3 – Prophet like Moses

Deuteronomy 18:15: “The Lord your God will raise up for you a prophet like me from among you, from your brothers—it is to him you shall listen—“

Generations post Abraham rise and fall and a people have grown up from the descendants. They have begun their journey out of the land of Egypt, where they were enslaved toward a land promised by God. The place he had promised them. But they have yet to fulfill their purpose or fully live up to the privileged relationship they have with.

Moses is teaching the second generation of Israelites the Law and in the midst of it, he brings up something startling: there will be a prophet like him. It catches us off guard. In that moment, in that time, the new generation was listening to a man who wasn’t expected to live for much longer. Their symbol was fading and hope was too. Their predecessors had barely survived God’s frustrations with them and the one man that stood between them was nearly gone. They wouldn’t have that protection or security anymore. They wouldn’t have the authority that Moses carries. As they listen to the second telling of the law, they hold their breath in anticipation of what is to come, how to behave, what is expected of them, and then Moses tells them of another.

They have someone to expect, to look forward too. hey look ahead to someone like Moses; someone who provided and taught the law of God; who performed miracles before the people of Israel; who talked with God; who “saw” God; who “freed” the nation from the grasp of slavery. That man is saying there will be another like him.

Our hope surges with talk of another Moses, to not only repeat what has happened with him, but to surpass. Actively witnessing God involved with his people as he was with Moses. The question turns to how long must we wait?



Dear Lord,

Thank you for Moses and his example for us. His faithfulness encourages us, not only to obey you like he did, but to also care for our families like he did. He interceded on their behalf to you, to not realign your promise through him, but to use the broken members of his family for your purposes. We want to be that bold for our new family we have in Christ. We pursue that lifestyle of service and dedication. We also look forward to the second Moses. We eagerly anticipate this example to mimic.

In Jesus Name,



Carol of the day:

O Holy Night


Family Activity:

Scavenger Hunt

Today, as we look at Moses and his role with the nation of Israel. He helped to lead his people into the wilderness on the way to Canaan. As the Israelites were finding their way, today we will practice our finding skills.

In today’s scavenger hunt we need to find:

  • Pine cone
  • Candy Cane
  • A leafless Tree
  • Christmas lights
  • A decorated yard
  • a tree that still has leaves
  • a cross
  • a nest

Happy Hunting! You may have a better chance of finding some of these items downtown!


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