December 4 – Forever Priest

1 Samuel 2:35: “And I will raise up for myself a faithful priest, who shall do according to what is in my heart and in my mind. And I will build him a sure house, and he shall go in and out before my anointed forever.”

Many generations beyond Moses, the Israelites have entered into the Promised Land. In their time, judges have come and gone, reminding the people to be faithful to God. After they leave, the Israelites rescind their beliefs rather quickly. They cycle through stages of dedication to God to rejecting Him.

In the Promised Land, at Shiloh, there was a Priest named Eli who received word from God that there will have a specific priest who will be God’s chosen one forever. What does this look like? At this time, the tabernacle of the Lord moves around in tents. The “house of the Lord” doesn’t even have a permanent house; yet the Lord will build a forever faithful priest a house in which he will be before his chosen one.

What would a forever priest look like? Someone to intercede for the people of Israel before God and offer the necessary sacrifices. He would need to be blameless before God. Even the High Priests have to present a yearly sacrifice before entering into the Holiest of Holy places in the tabernacle. The ability to go in and out before the anointed would be astounding because even the high priest can’t do that normally.

However we do receive insight to who he will be. We see his acting on the heart and mind of God. This is a startling insight, because up to this moment,  our human interaction with God personally has been Moses who couldn’t even look at God without dying.  This priest will be able to act on what God is thinking and feeling. It’s exciting to have someone who is so close to God interceding on behalf of the people. It’s something to put hope in and wait for his arrival.


Dear Lord,

You have seen out need for a priest who is able to intercede for us forever. We thank you for preparing this person and can’t wait for the time that he takes up his role as Priest before you.

In Jesus’ name,



Carol of the Day:

Gloria (Angels we have heard on high)


Family Activity:

Finger Puzzle

 Attached is a PUZZLE from Anna Joy:  this one is a bible-centric puzzle that explores familiar imagery invites participants to build memories together. Play around with it, familiarizing yourselves with the different characters and bible verses and share your favorite part of the birth narrative. 

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