Written By: Brandon Smith

Read: John 13:12-20

While in college, I worked in the evenings in the cleaning industry. I spent a long-time cleaning toilets of preschoolers still potty training as well as middle school locker rooms (who still needed potty training!). It was in places like these that I learned service and humility. It wasn’t through extraordinary means;  it wasn’t through words, but rather getting my hands dirty.

That’s what Jesus models for his disciples: he tells his disciples to wash one another’s feet. It’s not only because they had dirty feet! He models what the humble servant should look like and then tells them to practice. He doesn’t just demonstrate his actions and expect his disciples to replicate perfectly but provides a practical opportunity for them to practice it.

You heard the adage Practice makes perfect”. This is the embodiment of that adage. This is the opportunity for the disciples to practice it. This is something that is not very demanding physically, emotionally, spiritually to do and puts them into a position of humbling service. It requires them to physically lower themselves and respect another person. It requires a change of attitude.

It is easy to forget in the midst of our service, our attitude. We focus on the actions and the results of our service that we lose the process. It’s not about clean feet. If Jesus wanted cleaner feet on his disciples, they would be wearing shoes instead of sandals. It’s about the heart. When we go into the midst of service, no matter what the service may look like, our attitude is important too.

Let us not lose sight of our attitude in our actions.

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