Known By Our Love

Written by Brandon Smith

Read: John 13:31-35


Fame is something that we as Christians shy away from, and for good reason. We see the humble are the ones lifted high, and Jesus celebrates the one who goes into their closet and prays. The ones standing on the street corners to be heard are the ones criticized. But to be known in the way Jesus talks about here is very much through reputation, and in a sense: fame. However, it is not fame that you seek out and gain for yourself, but by the word of mouth of people around you. People seeing your love demonstrated for others, helps for you to become known.

For example, I have a friend who went to a trading card game tournament over in Grand Rapids. The card game has a rather small community of players. He brought an ancient set of cards and managed to do quite well. After that he became known as the guy who plays with ancient cards. There is an expectation that he will play with them again at the next tournament post Covid-19.

That’s something as simple as a card game. Known for doing something one thing one time.

What are we known for?

We desire to be known as followers of Jesus because of the love that we share. It is a symbol of our identity in Christ. Our actions not only reflect, but demonstrate our commitment to Christ and its through demonstration that our love become real to those around us. So in order to be known by our love, we must first demonstrate that love. It begins with us.

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