Written by Brandon Smith

Read: John 15:12-17

This seems like it a weird thing to command someone to do. To love someone. We often think we can do this naturally. We share empathy, we can relate to others pain and suffering as we ourselves experience. We feel expressions of joy in our lives and we can celebrate with others.

But the love Jesus calls us to live out is much more than that. It’s sacrificial love. It’s a love that demands more of you than you receive. It causes every decision to not seem fair. The cost/reward balance is skewed toward cost. It’s a love that goes out of our way, endangering happiness, endangering our own safety, going beyond above and beyond expectations in order to love them. Because that’s how we were loved by Jesus. That’s the love He expects from us to give toward others. This is the love we are to give to others.

We are chosen. God asked us, not the other way around. He came along side us while we were nothing, and cared for us, loved us, and rescued us. And this has made all the difference. We now are given the opportunity to reach out, care for, and love those around us in a similar way, pointing toward our rescuer.

Instead of us, scraping and working our way to reach him trying to bridge a gap we could never cross, He came to us.

Who are you loving today?

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