Written by Brandon Smith

Read: John 14:25-31

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you.”

At a time when a whole lot of crazy will happen that night. Jesus speaks to his disciples, promising them peace. Peace is something that we can easily take for granted. When we live in times of discontent, or dissonance, chaos, or unruly times, peace is a welcome sight.

Peace allows us to rest. As Jesus describes to the disciples what the future holds for them, it is a reassurance.

While we have been given this peace, we have also been given things to avoid that try to interfere with our peace. Troubled hearts and fear. Fear prevents us from focusing on God and what God can do but focuses us in on ourselves and our own power.

We recognize this don’t we? We hear about protests and rioting, looting, lynching, and brutality from those who have power over us. We don’t feel at peace. Peace only aggravates the dissonance we feel when we interact with the world around us. We lose sight of what’s most important, when we turn our gaze to stare at what’s around us.

We lose sight of the plan that God has in store. And this is easy to do when we are overwhelmed and over saturated in the world around us. Our own troubled hearts affect us in the same way. When we become overburdened because we attempt to take the cares and concerns of the world on our own shoulders, we lose sight of the peace God has for us in the weight of all these concerns.

Let us focus on the peace God provides us. Let us rid ourselves of things that prevent us from knowing peace and let us accept this peace wholeheartedly.

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