Written by Brandon Smith

Read: John 15:18 – 16:4

We will never be everyone’s favorite people. Despite the message we bring, despite the one who sends us, we will never be received well by everyone. We know this, not only through our own experiences, but we also see this happen with God himself through Jesus. If Jesus himself goes through such things, why would we as his followers expect anything less?

He just about says this same thing. He reminds us that as we follow Him and live out his teaching as He did, we too will upset people. Truth can hurt. Bad experiences hurt. People co-opting the name Christian to do anti-Christian things hurt. All can and do affect how others interpret the message we bring.

How do we get through it? We can do it together; we are not alone. We have God’s spirit within us, and we know where Truth is founded in. We recognize what has gone on before and set an example with our lives on how we are to live. We also know how this story ends. We know that God will have the final say, so we will continue to listen to his words and do as he asks of us: to be his witnesses to the ends of the earth and living the kingdom life now.

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