Written by Brandon Smith

Read: John 15:1-11

Jesus and the Disciples head out toward the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus uses this opportunity to talk about himself in comparison to things they would have actually seen along the way. Plants!  Jesus transitions to talking in metaphor with his disciples relating to imagery that would be familiar with them. In the metaphor, Jesus compares himself to the vine.

The vine being the source of life for the branches, and the life sustaining aspect to keep them healthy.  The vine is the core of the grapevine, essential, and necessary for survival. The vine is what struggles forth to move into position for the branches to bear fruit. The vine does the difficult part, and the branches get to share in its labor. The branches get to live, because of the sacrifice the vine does to put the branches in for places of success.

So, to be apart from the vine was to die. He’s attempting to reiterate the points he made before by stressing the importance of listening to his teaching and recognizing the actions he was about to take.

But his analogy wasn’t just about himself. As a branch, they would have a purpose: to bear fruit. This is something they cannot do without the vine, however, through the vine the branches are able to bear fruit.

Remaining in him is done through keeping commands. This is a recurrence from the beginning of his discourse. Remain.

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