Sanctified for His Work

Written by Marcus Mitchell

Scripture to Read: John 18:19-24

It seems to me that the high priest wasn’t necessarily searching for the truth when he questioned Jesus.  He was looking for evidence to substantiate the conclusions he has already made.  Jesus’ ministry had grown and word of his miracles and teaching were spreading more and more.  He was a threat to the high priests’ power and authority.  When Jesus answers his questions with questions it obviously infuriates and frustrates Annas all the more.  

I can recall several times when I’ve heard “disturbances” in our household amongst the children.  Many times, depending on the child making the most racket, I’ve already made a determination of who is the instigator.  I’ve even delved out punishments before I’ve heard the whole story.  I hate drama and I’m hasty to end it before I know the whole story.  Later, after things calm down, I have found out “the rest of the story” and have had to apologize, and even switch who ends up with the punishment.  It’s a humbling experience as a parent.  

Jesus had gone from a concern, to a nuisance, to a threat and now we are at a boiling point in the story.  The high priests were ready to put an end to the influence of Jesus and his disciples.  In their minds he was already tried and convicted and they were just going through the motions.  Jesus’ questions raise doubt in their preconceived notions and this angers them more.  

How often do we jump to conclusions?  How often do we lose patience when we need it most?  How often do we ignore all perspectives that do not coincide with what we have determined is the truth?  How quickly does our pride surface, when our position or authority is questioned?

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