The Best Motivation

Written by Jennie Brackett

Scripture to Read: Philippians 3:12 – 4:1

Motivation is a tricky thing. Finding what works for you can be as difficult as a 1,000 piece puzzle printed in one color. You have to find the thing that works for you as an individual. As a parent, I have learned this. What motivates one child does nothing for the others. What motivates the others, does nothing for the one. Regardless, there is but one goal in mind – to be the best ‘you’ that you can possibly be. Paul talks about this in verse twelve – that we must always push ourselves, no matter how painful or difficult, to be the perfection Christ sees in us. Talk about an amazing singular goal!!!

Take for example the person who has dealt with struggles in their life. They must forget what is done, what is in the past, and turn their attention to being a better student/citizen/adult/parent/human. This should be reflected in their actions. Regardless of how you did on the last test, or the last section of a subject, put it in the past as a lesson learned, and move on to the next thing that could be the most important thing you do. Forget about yelling at your kids to get their homework done, and instead move on to helping them focus their efforts to do better on organizing their time and efforts. Forget the sin that consumed your life, and let it be a testimony to the amazing grace that God provides for us. Eternal things are the most important, and past guilt does no good. Instead, use it to convict you to do better, with a conduct consistent with spiritual understanding.

Many people choose to live lives contradictory to who Christ is and what He stands for. But that is not what Christians are called to; don’t let their struggles, or your past mistakes, pull you back into that life. Those who live this way have pleasure that is short-lived and are ultimately self-serving. They are proud and brag about their ‘things’, but to what end is this ultimately? Is that acquisition of a ‘thing’ their motivation in life? How much greater is the acquisition of a life in heaven with Jesus! Our true citizenship is in heaven, where Christ is. We should be thankful for that, and live according to the rules He has set for us – to love with pure intentions and not be motivated by things that are self-serving. Stay true to what His motivation is for us, and what our goal, in Him, should be.

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