The Lion and the Lamb

Written by Nicole Mitchell

Scripture to Read: John 18:1-14

In this passage Jesus enters the garden followed by Judas and a mob of soldiers- it is where He will be arrested.

 When Jesus traveled from the city of Jerusalem, He crossed over the Brook Kidron. This small stream would have had drainage from the temple, and would have been red in color from the blood of thousands of Passover lambs that had been sacrificed. This would have been a very vivid reminder to Jesus of the sacrifice that he would soon make. 

He then entered the Garden of Gethsemane, a place familiar to Him and his disciples, where Judas would expect to find him. Then Judas arrives on the scene with a large number of Roman soldiers and officers from the temple. They came with lanterns, and torches- perhaps because they thought Jesus would be hiding and so they would need the extra light to find Him. They also came with weapons- so they must have feared or expected a battle or conflict to occur. 

But how does Jesus respond to such a show of force?  He doesn’t run away, He comes out to meet them. He is not cowering, but has a commanding presence. He greets them with a question he already knows the answer to. In verses 4-5, Jesus said, “‘Whom are you seeking?’ They answered him, ‘Jesus of Nazareth.’ Jesus said to them, “I am” which is “ego eimi” in Greek. Jesus proclaimed that He was God. Now when He said to them, “I am,” they drew back and fell to the ground. There was such a display of divine presence, majesty, and power in those two words that the enemies of Jesus were powerless to stand against Him. This just goes to show that Jesus was completely in control of the situation. This shows the Lion. Jesus did not have to go with them, He could have overpowered them and very easily escaped. He showed just a glimpse of the majesty of his Deity in those two words. Yet, He didn’t oppose his arrest. He willingly gave Himself up to protect His disciples. This shows the Lamb. This is the same sacrificial love that he showed you and me at the cross. 

This is one of those moments that when reading it, I can’t help but to marvel and stand in awe of His love for us. He could have called ten thousand angels, He could have knocked them all down dead, or at the very least escaped. Instead, Jesus revealed just a fraction of His glory and then willingly submits himself to the crowd- knowing what would happen next. 

If you have the time, look up the song “Lion and the Lamb” by Crystal Lewis and meditate upon how awesome our Savior is. 

Lion and the Lamb

Who is he? 

Who’s the mightiest of all?

Who is he?

Creation trembles at his call.

Who is he?

The lowly sacrifice,

Who paid a victim’s price, 

His name is Jesus. 


Jesus, from the father’s own right hand. 

Jesus, son of God and son of man.

Jesus, who died and rose again.

Jesus, he’s the lion and the lamb. 


Who is he?

With the power none can tame?

Who is he?

That every foe would fear his name?

Who is he?

Who was humbly led away, to suffer that dark day?

His name is Jesus. 


He’s the lion and the lamb.

He’s the lamb that was slain.

He’s the lion that reigns.

My savior and king, both the same. 


Who is he?

With the eyes that burn like fire?

Who is he?

Oh, the wonder he inspires. 

Who is he? 

Who bore the guilt and shame

for those who’d gone astray? 

His name is Jesus. 

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