The Power of Prayer

Written by Nicole Mitchell

Scripture to Read: John 17:6-11

In this passage Jesus is praying for his disciples, specifically for their protection and unity. Imagine being one of the disciples and having Jesus, the Savior of the world praying to God the Father on your behalf! How powerful it would be to have Jesus praying for you. I get chills just thinking of it. Maybe the disciples didn’t fully understand who Jesus was yet, but that does nothing to diminish the power of having Jesus pray for them.

Have you ever had someone pray for you? There have been many times in my life that people have said that they are praying for me and those prayers are so appreciated and valued, but there is something to be said about coming alongside someone and praying for them in the moment. 

I remember one of those times that someone took the time to pray with me. Marcus and I had been married for two and a half years and I was six months pregnant, when Marcus got laid off from his job. The good news was he was being offered a job, the bad news, we would have to relocate and leave our family and friends. I will admit that I was scared, it was our first baby and we had a great church and we were close to both sets of parents and we had to leave it all.  I was more than a little apprehensive at the thought of moving. I remember our pastor praying with us and for us before we moved and the power of that prayer. He prayed specifically for Marcus’s new job, for our new home, for my health and the health of our unborn child.  I remember the feeling of being loved and cared for and valued. 

And again when we had been living in Indianapolis for a little over a year, Landon had just turned a year old and he needed to go to Riley Children’s hospital for a surgery. We still hadn’t found a church family down in Indy and it was a particularly lonely time in my life. I felt disconnected, scared and alone. I remember receiving a card the day before Landon’s surgery from someone in our home church back in Michigan. In the letter she wrote out her prayer. I remember the tears streaming down my face as the Holy Spirit used her written prayer to speak to my heart. She specifically prayed for Landon, for the surgeon, for us as parents, for the outcome, and for healing. 

I think the key word is “specifically”. Jesus prayed specifically for his disciples. 

There is nothing wrong with telling someone that you will pray for them or are praying for them, but don’t fall into the trap of praying a “blanket prayer,” pray specifically for them. If you feel led to pray for them in the moment, don’t dismiss it. 

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